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Back in 2019, at one of our monthly meetings, we were talking about how the news of Boston always seems to be negative, yet there is so much that is good to say about the town.  

With its wealth of history, its architecture, all the organisations and clubs and groups, Boston is a special place and we want to make a series of stitched textile panels to reflect this.

Since that day, this big project has gathered speed. Our idea is that the panels each take the form of a very large book, wall-hung and with pages to turn and many stories of Boston to discover.

The covers are made up of lots and lots of two inch blocks of stitching which are being sewn by as many members of the community, young, old and anyone inbetween, as we can encourage to join in. Free kits are available to anyone willing to have a go!

Boston Big Local are supporting us financially, and although 2020 was a bit of a wash-out as we weren't able to visit all the events and meetings we had planned, work is continuing and the project is taking shape.

Please email  if you'd like a kit to stitch one of the squares and be part of the story.

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