Hand-embroiderered on handwoven linen, a fragment of an 18th century dress. Found as the decoration on a small clutchbag bought on Ebay.

    Our new venue is proving to be everything we hoped it would be, and we are enjoying being at BICKER VILLAGE HALL, where we meet every fourth Friday in the month, from 9.30am to 12.30pm.
Our second group meets there the evening before, from 7.30pm to 9.30pm.

If you feel you'd like to join us, or have any questions, please use the Contact Form and we can be in touch with you personally.
We are always very happy to meet new members and you will be welcomed.  There are no expectations of skills or knowledge of stitching, so if you have never lifted a needle before, don't worry.  We can help with that.  All you need to bring is your interest and we will do the rest!

Thursday 27th January 27th 7.30pm and Friday 28th January 9.30am
Thursday 24th February 7.30pm and Friday 25th February 9.30am
Thursday 24th March 7.30pm and Friday 25th March at 9.30am
Thursday 21st April 7.30pm and Friday 22nd April 9.30am
Thursday 26th May 7.30pm and Friday 27th May 9.30am
Thursday 23rd June 7.30pm and Friday 24th June 9.30am
Thursday 21st July 7.30pm and Friday 22nd July 9.30am

Our exhibition at National Trust Gunby Hall has been a great success.  The work was mainly a collection of beautiful cushions, show-casing a number of different techniques from traditional to contemporary, and small and precious to larger and colourful.